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The leading driving school in Geneva
The leading driving school in Geneva

The leading driving school
in Geneva



my driving school all courses packs


Thank to our driving or all inclusive packs, you can save up to CHF 350.-. To benefit from our packs, you just need to register online to take part to our courses. You will be as well able to schedule your driving lessons by selecting online your driving teacher or your driving pickup location in Geneva.

my driving school all courses first aid

First aid

Our First Aid course in Geneva aims to help those taking the course to adopt good reflexes in emergencies and how to respond effectively and quickly if someone close to you is in an accident. Whilst driving everyone is exposed to the possibility of finding themselves in emergency situations, whether it’s as a victim or a saviour for others.

my driving school all courses theory


In this unique course in Western Switzerland, the different themes contain the main traffic signs and situations, all presented in form of pictures just like in the Geneva official theory exam. As well, an App with all official exam questions is included in your theory course, so that you can easily practice at home on your smartphone.

my driving school all courses sensibilisation


The Sensibilisation course aims to examine the dangerous situations that can occur and to motivate students to adopt responsible driving behaviors. The goal is therefore to reduce the accident rate through a theoretical introduction to events and to analyse causes that promote road accidents in Geneva and elsewhere.

my driving school all courses car practice

Car practice

Even though driving lessons are note mandatory in Geneva, they are anyway highly recommended in order to succeed in the Geneva car office official exam. As a matter of fact, our driving teachers know the expected manners and behaviors to be shown to the car office examiners as well as the official exam routes.

my driving school all courses motorcycle


Our driving school offers the widest choice of motorcycle courses in Geneva. Whether it is for a beginners course, advanced course or for the basic instruction mandatory courses of 6, 8 or 12h, our passionate team of professional teachers will be pleased to help you get your motorcycle driving license.

my driving school all courses second phase

Second phase

This course is mandatory for all fresh new drivers with a 3 years probationary license. This one day class has to be taken in the first year after succeeding in the practical driving exam in Geneva.

my driving school all courses license echange

Licence exchange

If you now live in Switzerland in state Geneva, you have one year to exchange your national driving licenses into a Swiss one in Geneva car office. Depending on your issue country, you can exchange your national license with or without a pratical exam called « course de contrôle ». Our leading driving school in Geneva will be pleased to help you through this step.