Beware of fake driving instructors

So easy to yield to the temptation of taking “driving lessons” with people proposing very cheap prices. However, saving some money on your driving lessons could be risky and could cost you much more if you get caught by the police or could be even more dramatic in case of an accident because insurances won’t pay any damages.

Unfortunately, some official driving schools in Geneva do hire non licensed driving teachers to “teach” you driving for less money. Not only do you pay a high price for a non licenced driving teacher, but you also put your life in danger.

It is the reason why My Driving School dare communicate on this taboo subject in the driving world in Geneva state and informs you about these wrongdoings that we consider at the very least unacceptable.

How to be sure? Very easy: When you’re taking a driving lesson, don’t we ask you for your provisional licence or your national licence? Then, for your first driving lesson, motorcycle course or sensibilisation course, ask for our professional driving licence!

At the back, there should be specific professional codes:

201: Car driving teacher

204: Motorcycle driving teacher

If your driving teacher isn’t willing to show you his or her license or has intriguingly forgotten it at home, it stinks…

Anyway, if you have any doubt about your driving teacher’s qualifications, you can check the online official register in Geneva car office (, contact the office ( or write us an email (

Have a good and safe trip!

My Driving School

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