First aid course

It is the first step of your journey. At the end of this 10h course, you will obtain a first aid certificate, valid for 6 years.

Theory course

The theory course was created to help you understand and memorize the essential take-away points of the program, in order to successfully pass your exam at the OCV.


Once you have passed the theory exam, you will need to take your mandatory sensibilisation course. It lasts 8 hours, and you will receive another certificate valid for 2 years at the end of it. After you have done so, you can buy your provisional driver’s license at the OCV.

Driving lessons

Then, you will need to start learning and practice driving. You can book your driving lessons with one of our certified instructors.

Motorcycle practice

You will now need to practice driving and get prepared for the practical exam. Depending on your profile, you will need to book one of the following courses: private lessons (beginner level), mandatory 4h course (A1 license holders who want to get the A license), or mandatory 12h course (anyone above beginner level willing to get the A or A1 license).

2nd phase

Congratulations on your license! You have passed the practical exam. Your license is now temporary for 3 years. You will need to take another mandatory 1-day course within a year of passing your exam to get your permanent driver’s license.

Exchange of foreign driving licences

If you settle in Switzerland in the canton of Geneva, you have one year to exchange your national licence for a Swiss licence at the cantonal vehicle office in Geneva. Depending on your country of origin, you will be able to exchange your licence directly or you may have to go on a control course. Our driving school, leader in Geneva, can help you with these procedures.

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How can we help you?