he Sensibilisation course is a mandatory course for anyone wishing to obtain a driving licence in Geneva. Anyone interested in obtaining a B category driving licence, or a scooter licence under sub-category A1 or category A for motorcycles must take part in the Sensibilisation course. This course lasts 8 hours and remains valid for 24 months (Art. 18 OAC)


To participate in the Sensibilisation course, you must always have your valid provisional licence (under category A1, A or B) during all 4 sessions.


The Sensibilisation course was applied to Geneva in 1994 to educate new drivers about the dangers on the road and the most frequent road accidents. Since its enforcement, the Sensibilisation course has proven to be effective, and statistics show a decline in the rate of road accidents concerning new drivers. The Sensibilisation course aims to examine the dangerous situations that can occur and to motivate students to adopt responsible driving methods. The goal is therefore to reduce the accident rate through a theoretical introduction to events and to practice causes that promote road accidents. This Sensbilisation course once completed, enables every new driver to be able to understand and anticipate more easily the dangers of the road.


The Sensibilisation course is conducted in 8 hours over 4 day in our driving school in Geneva. The topics covered in this course are:

Vision awareness: focus on the road to anticipate the dangers in time and learn to look at what surrounds the driver when driving. (To use his vision).

Environment: recognise signs on fellow drivers and on the road. Take into consideration the weather and comply with the rules of ecological driving.

Traffic dynamics: know the status of your car, its limits and its dynamics. Know how to engage your driving skills depending on your surroundings.

Traffic tactics: know the tactical rules for safe behaviour. Raise awareness of the dangers and serious consequences of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.

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This course is mandatory for all students holding a provisional licence in A1, A, B1 and B categories.

In order to be able to participate, it is imperative that you have your provisional licence with you for every lesson.

We accept students from other driving schools who wish to participate in this course in our schools in Geneva.

To pass this course, you must attend every lesson until the end.