The sensibilisation course is mandatory for anyone willing to get the driving license in Geneva. Whether you want to get your B. A1 or A license, you will have to attend this course.


To attend this course, you need to have a valid provisional student license.


The awareness course was introduced in Geneva in 1994 to make new drivers aware of the dangers of the road and the most frequent road accidents. Since its introduction, statistics have shown its effectiveness, with a decrease in the accident rate for new drivers. This course aims to examine dangerous situations, motivate students to adopt responsible driving and thus reduce the accident rate through an introduction to the events and causes that contribute or lead to road accidents.

This course, once completed, will allow all new drivers to better understand and anticipate the dangers of the road.


This course takes place in 8 hours spread over 2 days with My Driving School. The following topics are covered:

  • Traffic vision: focus on the traffic in order to discern all dangers in time and learn to examine what surrounds the driver while driving.
  • Environment: recognizing information about your partners and the road. Taking into account the weather conditions and respecting the rules of ecological driving.
  • Traffic dynamics: know the state of your vehicle, its limits and its dynamics. Know how to make your driving more dynamic according to the traffic.
  • Traffic tactics: know the tactical rules to adopt a safe behavior. Raising awareness of the dangers and serious consequences of driving under the influence of drugs, alcohol or medication.


This course is mandatory for every B, A1 and A driving license. To registrate for this course, you need to have a provisional student license. You need to attend both sessions to get certified.

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