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About us

Founded back in 2014, with the opening of its first agency in Plainpalais, My Driving School has in the span of a few years only become the reference school for anyone willing to get their driver’s license in Geneva.

It now has 4 local driving schools and a 5000m2 plot of land for your 2 phases.

With the wide range of courses and services it offers, the quality of the learning processes and the on-going support from A to Z of its students, My Driving School establishes itself as the leader school to get your driver’s license in Geneva.

The driving license steps

You want to get your driver’s license, drive a motorcycle or exchange a foreign license? Book a course or driving lessons? Don’t worry, we have your back.

Click on the appropriate tab for more information.

  • To be done at My Driving School
  • To be carried out with the competent organizations

First aid course

From 120.-

Official registration form


Theory course

From 120.-


From 120.-

Driving lessons

From 85.-

Practical exam


2nd phase

From 365.-
  • To be done at My Driving School
  • To be carried out with the competent organizations

First aid course

From 120.-

Official registration form


Theory course

From 120.-


From 120.-

Motorcycle practice

From 110.-

Practical exam

My Driving School has a specialist in the exchange of foreign driving licences for Swiss ones. Don't hesitate to contact us on 0763916958 aziz ou slim 0788928684 will explain all the necessary steps and will propose you an evaluation of your driving in order to prepare you for your control race.


They can only be used for private races and for a maximum of one year. To continue driving after one year or to drive professionally, you must change your driving licence to a Swiss licence.

Depending on your country of issue, you can exchange your foreign licence directly for a Swiss licence or you have to take a practical test (test drive).


If your driving licence was issued in one of the following 45 countries, it will be exchanged without any test:

Andorra / Australia / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Canada / Cyprus / Croatia / Czech Republic / Denmark / Estonia / Finland / France / Germany / Great Britain / Greece / Hungary / Iceland / Ireland / Israel / Italy / Japan / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Monaco / Morocco / Netherlands / New Zealand / Norway / Poland / Portugal / Romania / San Marino / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / Spain / Sweden / Tunisia / USA


If your driving licence was issued in another country, you must take a practical test (test run) to obtain a Swiss licence.

Please note: You only get one chance! If you fail the practical test (test run) you will have to follow the normal process of obtaining a Swiss driving licence.

Therefore, we advise you to prepare yourself well for this test. We are at your disposal to

We are at your disposal to assist you in this process.

Do not hesitate to contact us at 0763916958 aziz ou slim 0788928684.



You must fill in the official form for the exchange of permits of the Canton of Geneva. You must also go to the counter in person with the following documents:

  • Form for the exchange of a foreign driving licence
  • Original of the foreign driving licence to be exchanged
  • Certificate from an approved optician (not older than 24 months)
  • 1 passport-size colour photo, head-on, nude
  • Swiss identity document: identity card or passport


  • Foreign ID: booklet for foreigners

My Driving School is THE specialist in the exchange of foreign driving licences into Swiss licences in Geneva. Do not hesitate to contact us on 022 320 95 65 to find out about all the necessary steps and to arrange a driving assessment to prepare you for your test drive.

Advantages My Driving School

training centres
dedicated to your driver’s license journey
certified instructors expert in their field to learn in the best conditions
foreign languages spoken in our team (English, Italian, Arabic, Spanish)

Our Packs

Our packs have been put together to help you save on our services and make your life easier. Choose the pack that is right for you, and if you have any questions, call us at 022 320 95 65 or pay us a visit at our Cornavin school.

Our driving schools in Geneva

My Driving School has 4 schools in the Canton of Geneva to allow you to get your driver’s license in the best possible conditions. In our schools, we offer courses in first aid response, theory, sensibilisation, as well as driving lessons and motorcycle courses. All of our instructors are certified and licensed by the OCV of Canton of Geneva.

My Driving School commitments

Expertise and safety

We guarantee top-level education with a particular emphasis on safety and law-abiding driving

A-Z support and guidance

We are the only driving school in Geneva to offer all courses, from first aid response to the 2nd phase.


With 4 schools spread across central Geneva, you are never really far from one of our schools.


In order to help you reconcile work or studies and personal life with getting your license, we offer the biggest choice of schedules, both on weekdays and in the weekends.


We like to foster a sense of community among our students and instructors.

What you say about us

May Mi Than TunMay Mi Than Tun
18:46 27 May 23
I just finished the sensibilisation course and it was very dynamic and informative. If you are looking for an English speaking driving school to do your theory, this is it!
Chí Nguyễn MinhChí Nguyễn Minh
07:32 31 Jan 23
Just got my license on the 1st try!Nothing to complain. Well organized lessons. Instructors are friendly, informative. Especially Slim, he was very patient with my mistakes 😃
Alinka BelAlinka Bel
10:36 20 Aug 22
Great school, I took theory at Cornavin with Kavin, first aid and sensibilization (with Slim) in Eaux-vives. Great instructors, great training, efficient study process
Pietro BonaldiPietro Bonaldi
10:32 20 Aug 22
Easily accessible, went in without expectations but ended up learning a lot even whilst having previous driving experience. Cheap, kind personel (thank you slim) and effective.
Betsy EVBetsy EV
14:43 07 Jul 22
Hamza was great as an instructor! Very strict and giving good feedbacks that help me to pass my driving exam! Thanks for everything :)
Natalie HNatalie H
17:38 01 Feb 22
I wholeheartedly recommend My Driving School. I did my first aid course and the driving theory course here and they were extremely professional and helpful. I was also lucky enough to take driving lessons with Daniel and Corinne and thanks to them and the team of instructors at My Driving School I passed my driver’s exam successfully on the first try. I have to say Daniel in particular is the best driving instructor I’ve ever had. He is so helpful, insightful, patient and kind. I fully recommend following the steps for a Swiss driver’s license with My Driving School. :)
Ekaterina VasilevaEkaterina Vasileva
15:54 15 Dec 21
Highly recommend this driving school that offer all the courses in English. I have followed the first aid course, theory and sensibilisation.All the courses were very informative, interactive and fun. Even though the theory course was not mandatory, it was extremely helpful, the teachers systemised all the information, gave useful tips and comments.All teachers and staff members are very friendly and helpful.
Cayetana LanchasCayetana Lanchas
10:02 17 Jul 21
Sebastian is a great sensibilisation teacher, keeping the entire class motivated and focused throughout the 4 hours. The class was really interactive and interesting - I absolutely recommend this driving school for English speakers!!!
Elisa StuckiElisa Stucki
10:17 29 May 21
I had my “sensibility” (that’s how they call it in French) classes today with Mehdi, and dare I not say, it was a great experience! He really cares about what he says and is a serious and hard working individual, making us do group projects etc to be more “connected” to the class! It was great, it might be 4 hours long each lesson but you cannot feel it and it is fast! Thank you so much for this great experience!
I took driving lessons at My Driving School to prepare for the practical exam needed to exchange my foreign driving license for a Swiss one. Kevin was an excellent instructor - very friendly, flexible, patient and has taught me everything I needed to know to pass. Previously I also attended a first aid and theory courses here as a refresher - everything was well organized, engaging and very informative. Highly recommend!
Ka N'haiKa N'hai
09:19 30 Aug 23
I was so happy to go with My Driving School for my driving lessons. For me as an expat, it is necessary to have a few driving lessons here as it is so different from where I came from. I had a few lessons with other instructor from a different school before but it was not a pleasant experience. I was glad to find Kevin as my instructor. My special thanks to Kevin for all of his helpful lessons. He was calm, friendly, supportive and informative. I strongly recommend Kevin and My Driving school. Many thanks again and wishing you all the best.
max nartenmax narten
12:30 28 Aug 23
You pay and then you get no email or anything. You have to call up for your receipt. Don't even bother missing your course by being sick or having an accident or urgency at the last minute, as they won't refund or reschedule you. This is in the terms and conditions that they do not send out along with your receipt or any proof of payment. You have to call them to state your existence. Highly unprofessional on the phones as if I had offended them to ask where my 160CHF for a first aid course gets too, like I was taking a bone off a dog.A pity, as there is a theory and a practical to bank thereafter and it seems this company just likes bones. Tut tut
Vladyslav LeonchuckVladyslav Leonchuck
12:01 03 Jun 23
Amazing Sensibilisation course experience. Sebastian did a great job, communicative entertaining, knowledgeable and lots of tips not only for the exam but for future driving, dealing with police, etc. 100% recommend
Emma WardEmma Ward
17:04 13 Mar 23
From total novice to passing the practical exam first time, I could not have achieved it so quickly without MDS. First aid, theory & sensibilsation courses were all informative and delivered in a clear and fun way. Kevin is an excellent and patient instructor and I will miss our lessons, also many thanks to Sébastien for accompanying me to my exam.
Ana KraAna Kra
10:45 29 Oct 22
A well taught, well structured course! Wonderful teachers! All courses available in English!
Wen ManateeWen Manatee
09:45 03 Sep 22
Really informative and supper engaging. The theory and sensibilisation courses were especially great. Instructors are fantastic and really build your skills and confidence. It has been a joy learning with them!
Safiria MurtasSafiria Murtas
09:44 03 Sep 22
Really good school! Sebastian Sensi course was engaging and interesting and the 8 hours passed by fast! Definitely recommended.
Angela WangAngela Wang
18:26 07 Aug 22
Amazing sensibilisation courses! The teacher speaks perfect English and has great sense of humour, it was supposed to be a boring program but with him, not at all! It was really useful and fun, and he gave really helpful suggestions for the practical test. Highly recommend!
Maria-Mihaela VieritaMaria-Mihaela Vierita
09:59 06 Aug 22
The 2-day sensibilisation course was extremely thoroughly planned and meticulously designed to tailor and meet each and every student's expectations in order to prepare them for the practical driving test. Highly recommend!!
Paulina GodoyPaulina Godoy
11:12 26 Nov 22
Highly recommend taking the sensibilisation course with this school! Super dynamic and useful! Great teachers at My Driving School!
Nayelli RosalesNayelli Rosales
14:33 16 Jul 20
I wanted to exchange my foreign licence and was quite rusty so I booked some lessons, it was a great decision! Kevin was very helpful and patient, I practiced a lot on my own but I don't think I would have passed it without his guidance. He was also very kind when I got nervous. The last day I also had a lesson with Mehdi and he's also quite nice and gave me some final tips. It was a great experience, easy booking and great communication. Totally recomend the school!
I needed to transfer a foreign driver license into a Suisse one. I used Mydriving School services and I highly recommend it.Kevin was an excellent driving instructor, I took several driving lessons with him. He helped me improve my driving skills, aligned them to Suisse driving regulations and also provided emotional support throughout the process. The day of my practical test I was very prepared, and feeling very confident. I successfully passed my practical test.I highly recommend this place
Ruan JoannaRuan Joanna
20:49 19 Jul 19
I came across my driving school through the recommendation of a friend, and it was a wonderful experience! I did a permit exchange Chinese to Swiss, and had Kevin as my instructor. It’s someone who is very experienced, patient, and most importantly, cares about his students’ success. I accidentally broke one of their tires once, and had to leave immediately afterwards for work, but he took care of it with no complaints. Strongly recommend them👌非常棒的驾校,专业,教练也很有耐心!强烈推荐。
Teri RobertsTeri Roberts
08:52 28 May 19
I have a South African driver's license that needed converting to a Swiss one through a practical test. I booked with Kevin at the My Driving School in Augustin as he is fully bilingual (English+French). He was a brilliant teacher. Very kind and patient but also strict enough about me achieving an acceptable driving level in Geneva to make sure that I felt fully ready and confident before taking my exam. I would definitely recommend Kevin to anyone wishing to take a few lessons before converting their license. He's an excellent teacher.
Zelda Costa RamseyerZelda Costa Ramseyer
13:32 19 Feb 15
Wow! What an awesome school!Teachers are great at teaching, very professional, respectful but also extremely patient and understanding. Moreover, they try their best to be flexible with scheduling and pick up spots!I had an amazing driving teacher, from the moment I stepped into the car he made me feel so comfortable, totally safe and he made it fun. I passed my driving test on the first try and today I am one of the most confident women on the road, I can’t even express how happy I am!I highly recommend them to anyone, they are the BEST in Geneva and furthermore, it’s good value for money.
I had the pleasure of being taught by Slim, and passed first time.Slim was a fantastic teacher, who was clear with instructions and the techniques; and I improved quickly under his guidance. You can really tell that Slim cares about his students and his passion stands out for wanting them to succeed and also be responsible drivers.
Preeza ShresthaPreeza Shrestha
05:34 06 Jul 23
I did my theory classes here which were great, and started driving lessons with Nabil after — he is absolutely the best.From day one, he aptly assessed my strengths and weaknesses on the road, and developed a road plan for success on test day (and beyond, really). Within two months, he diligently and patiently helped me go from being nervous about driving, Geneva roads and the Swiss driving test, to a confident driver who actually enjoys driving. He is an excellent teacher — he prepares you for all scenarios, is kind but firm where needed.Moreover, he is genuinely a wonderful person who cares about his students — he even drove back from his vacation for just my exam afternoon to ensure I felt prepared and everything went smoothly. I feel lucky to have had him as my instructor — I couldn’t thank him enough for the supportive and positive learning experience. I highly and unequivocally recommend Nabil to all!
maria kuzminamaria kuzmina
14:58 30 Jun 23
i just passed my exam yesterday, i still cant believe that i did it from my first attempt, i do think it was only possible thanks to My Driving School and my instructor Slim, who was so patient with me during the last 6 months. He is so dedicated to his students and their results really matter to him. He is maybe a bit too strict sometimes, and his constant corrections while you are driving can almost get on your nerves :), but believe me it is all worth it, because at the end you will feel that your exam was so much easier than driving with Slim:) i highly recommend
Marija PetrovićMarija Petrović
13:31 19 Jun 23
Slim is the best instructor ever!!! He was funny, relaxed, but firm. Rules were there to be respected and he taught me every little one with a lot of comprehensive explanation. He was so generous with the time, his real aim is that you pass the exam from the first trial, and he will prepare you like anyone else. I strongly recommend you to have Slim for your instructor and rent a car from him on the day of your exam. He will pass with you all the critical points one hour in advance, which will give you even more confidence. Thanks Slim!
Fernanda BeckerFernanda Becker
10:31 25 May 23
Slim was simply the best driving instructor. He really took the time to explain things and invested a lot of time and effort into our classes. He was generous with his time and was patient with me when I struggled. I really believe he is the reason why I got my driving license the first time. I highly recommend him!
Pavel ZhdanovPavel Zhdanov
06:20 13 May 23
Sir instructor Slim, made an unbelievable thing. He taught me so efficiently how to drive a car, that I have passed the driving exam on a first try, even tho it was my first experience driving. He made me driving hero from zero in just five months))
Maha Abu Al NajaMaha Abu Al Naja
17:37 13 Apr 23
Highly recommend! I had classes with Nabil and he was extremely helpful! I only had a few lessons with him and he managed to train me very well and I was able to pass my exam :) thank you!!
Rachel BreslinRachel Breslin
19:47 31 Jan 23
I passed my permit on the first time thanks to the great lessons and coaching from Nabil. I always felt calm and safe in the car whilst practicing and building my confidence. Plus, the online booking is super convenient. 100% recommend
Ipek CaydamliIpek Caydamli
11:28 21 Jan 23
I've done First Aid and Sensibilisation Courses here. Both went very well. Both teachers were specialists in their field, attentive and friendly. I would recommend for beginners.
Ashraf HusseinAshraf Hussein
12:31 20 Dec 22
Took first aid, theory, senseblisation, and driving lessons with My Driving School. Very effective classes and instructors. And big thanks to Slim for his efforts, patience, and support that helped me pass the driving exam on my first try.
Stefana IvanovicStefana Ivanovic
14:13 21 Nov 22
The best driving school in Geneva! I had to exchange my driving licence, I took classes with Slim and Mehdi and I passed it without any problem!
Liliana BarriosLiliana Barrios
20:00 13 Nov 22
I highly recommend My driving school.I was able to pass the practical test and exchange my driving license thanks to my great instructor Nabil Hatira. He is patient, caring and very knowledgeable. Nabil gave me great tips not only to past the test but for safely driving in Geneva. Thank you Nabil for making this a great experience.
Luxi Wang-GauthierLuxi Wang-Gauthier
21:28 31 Oct 22
Slim is the best instructor you can find and hope for !! He is super clear in his teaching and very patient. He really takes his students' interest and success at heart. He helped me to overcome my fear of driving and gave me the best advice on how to make progress. Thanks to him, I successfully got my driving license. I can only recommend Slim!
Mert AyikMert Ayik
10:32 20 Aug 22
After completing my sensibilisation course with Slim, I started to take driving lessons. Although I had driven my parents’ car, so had a basic understanding of driving, I had no idea how to prepare for the *Swiss specific* exam. Slim, in basically 2.5 weeks, completely transformed me as a driver and prepared me excellently for the exam. He prepares you for the toughest of examiners, and trains you at a level higher than the exam, so you are more than ready to pass on your first try. A very genuine and kind person, and will always support you on your driving journey, I couldn’t recommend Slim more!

Get ready
for your practical exam!

Get ready
for your practical exam!

Practical exam: the mistakes to avoid to pass your test on the first try

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