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To get a motorcycle license, you will have to take a compulsory motorcycle course. This compulsory course lasts 4 hours (if you already have an A1 license) or 12 hours. If you have any doubts, look at the right side of your student permit: the number of hours you have to take is written there.

The basic motorcycle course (4 hours) is compulsory for anyone with an A1 license who wants to obtain an A license.

The basic motorcycle course (12 hours) is mandatory for anyone wishing to obtain a category A or sub-category A1 driving license.

The 4h and 12h basic courses are not for beginners. If you want to learn or improve your motorcycle driving skills before your mandatory course, we advise you to take private lessons with one of our instructors.


To participate in the motorcycle driving course at our driving school in Geneva, it is imperative that you present yourself with your valid student driver’s license.

You must also bring your vehicle in good condition, homologated and with a full tank of gas. Your vehicle must also correspond to the category indicated on your student license.

Finally, it is imperative that you bring your vehicle’s road permit.


The objective of this course is to allow the learner driver to reinforce the essential bases acquired before the course. It will allow you to perfect the technical and theoretical rules to drive your vehicle and move around safely


The motorcycle course lasts 12 hours to obtain categories A1 and A and must be taken within 4 months of the issue of the learner’s permit. In case of a second learner’s permit, the course previously taken remains valid for 12 months.

The course is divided into 3 modules of 4 hours. To obtain the category A unlimited, you must have held the category A limited to 35kW for at least two years.


The practical test of the motorcycle license in Geneva takes 50 minutes and is divided as follows

  • A part on the elements of manoeuvring
  • A part in the traffic

Please note that the Office Cantonal des Véhicules de Genève does not provide a vehicle for the practical test. You must bring your own vehicle, as well as your protective equipment, along with your valid driving permit and student permit.

Make sure that your protective equipment meets the following requirements:

Helmet (approved according to ECE regulation no. 22)

Motorcycle gloves or gloves made of durable material

Motorcycle jacket or sturdy jacket (such as leather or jeans) Motorcycle pants or long, durable pants (such as jeans) Motorcycle boots or sturdy, closed shoes.

The motorcycle license in Geneva is as follows

Manoeuvres: narrow corridor, a slalom course, a figure eight and braking at 50km/h.

The second part, in real-life traffic conditions, will evaluate your capacity to adapt to urban traffic.


We also offer individual beginner and advanced courses. You can book your private lessons at our office in Cornavin.

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