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The first aid course is mandatory for anyone wishing to obtain the Swiss driving license. It lasts 10 hours and remains valid for 6 years. Before you can start taking your driving lessons, it is absolutely mandatory to take the First Aid course. How to react in an accident? How to prevent yourself from doing nothing? Whether it is for your own safety or that of others, this course will permit you to learn the essential First Aid basics and guide you throughout your journey to getting your driving licence. ATTENTION: If you already have an A or B driving licence, this course is NOT mandatory.


The First Aid course aims to help those taking the course to adopt good reflexes in emergencies and how to respond effectively and quickly if someone close to you is in an accident. Whilst driving everyone is exposed to the possibility of finding themselves in emergency situations,

whether it’s as a victim or a saviour for others. With the First Aid courses you gain knowledge that may one day enable you to save a life.


The main purpose of the First Aid course is to teach you how to optimize your time before the paramedics arrive to help the victim. Learning First Aid should allow you, once completed, to preform First Aid until the paramedics arrive. Thus, during the course which is required to obtain your licence, you will learn to :

To know how to behave in an: emergency situation : how to get out of emergency situations, how to take immediate action

Correctly assess the situation

To stay calm, collected and effective in extreme situations

Communicate important information to the paramedics once on site

But also provide provide First Aid to victims, such as :

Place the victim in the safety position

Effectively preform CPR

Skilfully control a haemorrhage

And others.

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The First Aid courses are conducted in two parts. A first theoretical part will teach you the theory on emergency situations. How to react and how to take first aid in a simple and effective way? This lesson is perfectly illustrated through PowerPoint and videos.

The second part is practical, where you begin your First Aid training. You will exercise practical demonstrations performed on dummies as well as role-playing and simulation exercises in order to put in to practice what you have been taught in the classroom. At the end of the First Aid training (theory and practice) you will undergo a basic knowledge exam to test if you have understood the information you have been taught throughout the First Aid course


The duration of the First Aid course is 10 hours, spread over 2 or 4 days depending on availability.

All participants aged at least 14 years old can register for this course. The First Aid certificate, once obtained, is valid for 6 years and permits you to obtain your driving licence.


A certificate of course attendance is issued at the end of the 10 hours. It remains valid for 6 years from the end of the course. In the event of loss of the certificate, a fee of CHF 30.- will be required for the establishment of a duplicate. The duplicate request can be made by completing the following online form. The duplicate is usually provided to you within a week to 10 days.