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Exchange package (foreign licence) 2019



Taught only in English 

Unique Exchange package in Geneva preparing you effectively to your foreign licence into Swiss licence Exchange.

This package is highly recommended before registering for any practical exam in Geneva (or Nyon) car office.

Thank to our exclusive Exchange package in My Driving School, you'll refresh your knowledge about Swiss driving law and we will help you drive through the paperwork required to exchange your national licence.

You'll as well take the chance to have your driving skills evaluated in the exact same conditions you'll experience during your real practical exam in Geneva car office. That way, you'll know what you'll be facing on the D day and prepare yourself in order to guarantee your success, because you have only one chance to exchange your foreign licence into a Swiss licence. If you fail your practical exam, you'll have to start everything from the scratch,  causing a huge loss of time and money.

Package contents:

  • Swiss theory update (in French or English) in group (6h),
  • Swiss driving exam simulation (75')
  • Feedback and personal driving analysis (15')
  • Practical exam (course de contrôle) with the driving school's car

Once paid, our school will contact you as soon as possible to schedule your theory update and your driving exam simulation.

Propriétés du cours

Début 01-01-2019
Fin 31-12-2019
Ouvert le 08-02-2019 1:00
Date limite 31-12-2019 23:00
Prix 460 CHF
460 CHF 10000