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Motorcycle courses 


The basic motorcycle practice course (12h) is mandatory for anyone wishing to obtain a driving licence class A or a subclass A1. However, this course is not for beginners. You must have some practice before joining the 12h course. If you need beginners classes, do not hesitate to contact us. 


12h motorcycle course

The course lasts 12 hours to obtain a class A.

The course must be completed within 4 months after the issuance of provisional licence (Art . OAC 19).

Upon issuance of second learner's permit, the course attended previously remains valid for 12 months.

The course is divided into three parts of 4h. The three parts have to be done in three days.

You will get a full A licence only after holding a limited A licence to 35 kw for at least 2 years.

Book now parts 1 & 2 (8h)

Book now part 3 (4h)