Although driving lessons are non compulsory in Switzerland, they are highly recommended to succeed at the practical exam. Our instructors are able to teach you the right technics and tricks to succeed. They can correct bad habits or teach you from your very first driving lessons, our team of 14 instructors are ready to help you. If you are in possession of a learner license or a permit from abroad valid in Switzerland, you can register online. Single lesson are 45 minutes long and the double lessons are 90 minutes. The largest majority of our instructors are only teaching 90 minutes lessons as it is rather hard to work in 45 minutes with the traffic you must know. In our registration process online you can chose the length, if you want to drive a manual or automatic car, where you want to meet up, with which instructor you want to take your lesson, if you wish to pay by card or cash the day of your lesson or if you have already bought a pack to save up Don’t hesitate to contact us !