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Foreign licence exchange


Foreign licences are approved in Switzerland and can be used for private purposes during one year. After one year or for professional purposes, your national licence must be exchanged to a Swiss one.

To exchange your foreign licence, you need to fill in the official form from Genevas state. You also need to go in person to the car office and present the following documents:

  • Official licence exchange form
  • Original foreign driving licence to exchange
  • Eye test certificate from an approved optician (not older than 24 months)
  • 1 passport picture (in colour)
  • Swiss ID : ID card or passport
  • Foreign ID : Foreign ID or residence permit 

Depending on the country where your license has been issued, your foreign licence will be exchanged automatically or you will have to pass a practical exam (course de contrôle). 

Exchange without exam

If your licence has been issued in one of the 45 following countries, it will be exchanged without an exam:

Germany / Andorra / Australia / Austria / Belgium / Bulgaria / Canada / Cyprus / North Korea / South Korea / Croatia / Denmark / Spain / Estonia / United States / Finland / France / United Kingdom / Greece / Hungary / Ireland / Iceland / Israel / Italy / Japan / Latvia / Liechtenstein / Lithuania / Luxembourg / Malta / Morocco / Monaco / Norway / New Zealand / Netherlands / Poland / Portugal / Czech republic  / Romania / San Marino / Singapore / Slovakia / Slovenia / Sweden / Tunisia 

Exchange with practical exam (course de contrôle)

If your licence has been issued in a country that isn't mentioned in the list above, you will have to pass a practical exam (course de contrôle) to get a Swiss license.

Warning: You have only one attempt! If you fail this practical exam (course de contrôle), you will have to do the whole process all over again from the scratch to get a Swiss licence.

For this reason, we strongly advise you to be well prepared in order to succeed in your practical exam. We, of course, will stay at your disposal to accompany you in those proceedings.

For more information, do not hesitate to contact us on 022 320 95 66. 


Leading driving school in Geneva and particularly in exchanging foreign licences into Swiss licences, My Driving School specially developped an exchange package including a Swiss theory update, a practical exam simulation in the exact same conditions as in your practical exam in Geneva car office and a tailored evaluation of your driving skills in order to prepare you to your exam.



My Driving School提供独家套餐服务,有效帮助您将外国驾照更换为瑞士驾照。

换领瑞士驾照需要通过路考,并且只有一次机会。如果路考未能合格,需要从理论、急救等从头学起,耗费时间又花费不菲。因此,您在前往日内瓦(或尼永)车管所预约路考之前,不妨考虑尝试My Driving School的驾照换领套餐。



l  6小时:      瑞士交规理论讲解(集体授课,授课语言为法文或英文)

l  75分钟:    模拟瑞士路考

l  15分钟:    学员驾驶技能反馈与分析